PHP vs Python

This is one of the most puzzling questions for companies for their next web application development project. In this article, we try to find the answer to this question elaborately.

This is a broad term used for work in developing websites for the Internet or intranets. This includes web design, web content development, network security configuration, etc.

To develop our website requires a programming language. The two most prominent programming languages that are today used for web development are Python & PHP. In the following section, we will discuss two programming languages and will also try to find out how Python is better than PHP.

PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor)

It is a scripting language developed for web apps development that is used to build interactive and dynamic HTML web pages; it is also used as a general-purpose programming language.

The full form of PHP is the personal home page, but it is now known as a hypertext preprocessor. It is a web scripting language embedded in HTML; which means that PHP development code can be seamlessly inserted into the HTML of a web page.

It is the fastest source for creating dynamic websites enabled for databases. PHP is compatible with leading web and business servers such as Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, etc. And it also works on operating systems such as Linux, Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS.

Key PHP features include:

Open Source

This is open-source programming, which means you don’t have to pay to use it. You can download for free and use the PHP language.


Very easy to use compared to other scripting languages. This is very simple and easy and is widely used throughout the world.


There is no need for compilation because it is an interpreted language.

Independent Platform

It is a platform-independent language because PHP code can be run on all platforms such as Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, Windows, and so on.


It is comparatively faster than another scripting language because it uses a lot of system resources.

Error Reporting

PHP has a function to generate a warning or error message so that one can easily find the errors and can solve them in time.


Python is a high-level programming language used for general-purpose programming, designed by Guido van Rossum. Python code has a natural style that makes it easy to read and understand.

Key features for using Python include:

Friendly for beginners

It is a friendly language for beginners because it is easy to understand and fun to use. That is one of the reasons why Python has gained popularity to be a friendly language for beginners.

High-level language

As it is a high-level programming language, when using Python, you do not need to worry about low-level details, such as managing the memory used by the program.


Another advantage of python language is that the coding is shorter than other programming languages.

Remove Syntax

Python does not consist of curly braces; this has a very clear, concise, and orthogonal syntax.


Python also supports procedure-oriented and project-oriented programming. It has a compelling but easy way to do object-oriented programming compared to other programming languages.

PHP VS Python – Comparison

Easy Learning

Python is the simpler of the two to learn. It is a language of integral programming and can get to master it quite quickly. Python is such fast learning that it is the preferred option for most entry-level programming courses.

PHP has problems in comparison because it was created with web applications in mind, and these tend to have a higher level of complexity than programs that only have to run on a device. That’s why PHP is more complicated and therefore, more challenging to learn.

Community Support

Python and PHP both offer excellent community support. PHP has been around longer in the web application arena, so now many experienced developers are ready and waiting to offer their suggestions and insights.

Python may be newer, but also has a very active and knowledgeable developer community, so they are developing new Python applications at all times. This means that Python VS PHP questions see them fairly evenly here.

Large websites like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest use Python-based web applications, but the Facebook back-end is built in PHP, so it’s clear to see that both of them are capable of delivering world-class results.


The PHP 5.x version tends to be interesting, but PHP 7.x is a real flyer compared to the average Python program, chewing tasks up to 3 times faster. Speed is often an essential factor in applications that are critical of performance, and any difference can add a big difference in performance when you process millions of clicks a day for a bank.

Now, let’s see some reasons why we would prefer to use Python over PHP

  • If we talk about the readability of both languages, PHP cannot be maintained much compared to Python.
  • Python has more security features compared to PHP.
  • In PHP, functional programming is not provided, but in Python, functional programming and techniques are possible.
  • PHP has been designed for “web development” language, while Python has been designed as a “general purpose” language.

Final Rundown

So, in conclusion, these two languages offer similar performance and features, but Python looks to be a better choice overall. This does not mean that all experienced PHP programmers need to convert to Python, but for those who have not used it all this time or those that have just started, it might be a good idea to upgrade to Python.

Its ease of use and efficiency means that it seems to be the dominant force in developing the back-end, and that means the entrepreneur will expect it. Anyone who is looking for long life in their development careers should consider learning Python.

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How You Can Outsource PHP Development For Less

PHP or Hypertext PreProcessor programming language was one of the most inventive types of programming ever created. It quickly was used to replace standard HTML websites. Its ability to produce websites dynamically was first introduced back in the 1990s. This is a server-side language, used on Web servers, for not just creating dynamic pages but also the implementation of applications. Instead of having static HTML, you can change in variables on these pages which can be implemented through the programming. As you might assume, you must have some knowledge of this language to use it for web applications that you are developing. Most people do not have the skills. This is what will prompt PHP development companies to lend their expertise to both individuals and businesses. If you would like to outsource PHP development for a project you’re working on, this is how you can find reputable businesses that specialize in this language to complete your next project.

Is This An Easy Language To Learn?

Similar to most programming languages, you must have a general knowledge of how computer languages can create software programs. This could be from your personal understanding that you have developed over the years, or you may have taken classes and received a degree in the computer language of your choice. When you are using a software company in India to develop PHP related products for you, programmers should have an official degree in this language, as well as a portfolio of clients they have worked with in the past. These are individuals that are adept in this language and will be able to create what you are requesting.

How To Find Companies So You Can Outsource PHP Development

Many businesses advertise the development of PHP web applications. A quick search for PHP application development companies will lead you to several advertising on the web. Some of the top companies will have hundreds of software engineers, representing the top 1% of IT talent in their country. Although you could use a local programming company in the United States, you may find it more economically advantageous to look in other countries like India. Their skill set may be comparable, yet their prices will be substantially lower, which is the best aspect of outsourcing your PHP development request. By contacting these businesses directly by email, and presenting your request, they can get back with you on an estimate for time and the cost of web development. If you are currently working with other companies that may have outsourced PHP related projects to India in the past, you may want to consider contacting these businesses as well. For detailed information about outsourcing PHP development to India, read

Is It Possible To Do Your PHP Coding?

If you have a team of software developers at your company, and they are familiar with the programming language, you may be able to cut costs by using their expertise. They will use some of the best software for PHP coding which may include PHP storm, Eclipse, and the highly coveted Sublime Text that will allow you to code PHP scripts and software for Linux, Windows and OS X. However, if you don’t have a team of software developers, and if you are not familiar with coding, you will need to outsource web development to a reputable and affordable team of software developers.

How Long Will It Take For The Project To Be Completed?

The length of time that it will take to complete your project is always dependent upon the number of lines of code that must be used and the complexity of the project itself. Relatively simple projects may take only a few days, whereas complex software may take weeks or months to complete. Additionally, troubleshooting is always part of the process. Making sure that lines of code are error-free is sometimes a time-consuming process. For example, websites like Yahoo, Tumblr, and WordPress that utilize PHP were very large projects that have led to multimillion dollar industries.

How To Assess Each Company

If you can assess each of these businesses, this will allow you to get a project done correctly promptly. It will also allow you to save what could be thousands of dollars on this project, yet still, end up with something outstanding. The evaluation process begins with doing research on each company, finding out how long they have been doing these projects and looking at examples of clients they have worked with in the past. Some of this information will be listed on their website, whereas other companies may review different software businesses that do PHP projects. If they are listed high on the search engines, or if they are doing paid advertisements, they are likely doing quite well. It would help if you asked for examples of projects they have done in the past, compare them to what it is that you would like them to do, and finally select the business that you believe will be best suited for what you would like to have done. Much of your assessment will involve your interactions with these businesses. If they are prompt at starting the project and are willing to work with you every step of the process, this is an indication that they are serious about doing the best job. Once you have found a company that can do PHP properly, you will likely use them for subsequent projects that you will have in the future because of the results that they produce and the prices that they charge.

To get the best deals when you outsource web application development, always get multiple quotes from different businesses around the world. Although the people that you speak with may not use English as their first language, PHP is likely their primary language if they are offering PHP coding services. If you do use a company in the United States, you may get a better caliber of programmers, yet the cost of production will be much higher. The key to finding the best programmer, at a reasonable price, is to get estimates from as many companies as possible and to make your decision based upon their reputation and estimates.

PHP Web Developer In India: The Basics And Why You Should Hire Them

Whether you’re a small-scale or a large-scale business, you probably have considered using PHP as your website’s server-side scripting language. During your planning, you may have encountered a lot of PHP web developer in India companies. Is it probably a good idea? Why should you (or should not) consider this, and what are the things that you should be looking for?

PHP image

Introduction To PHP Web Development

Commonly used in web development, PHP is one of the most popular programming languages. This is because of the flexibility in terms of website customization, not to mention that the website’s speed is faster when this language has been used. Some popular websites using this language may include but are not limited to: Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Zomato.

Should You Choose A PHP Web Developer In India?

photo of PHP web developer in India

If you, like many other businesses, have decided to take the next leap in marketing and advertising and wanted to utilize the internet, here goes the following question: whom should you hire for this business? There’s no denying that there are tons of reliable companies out there, and some freelancers who are pretty-much competitive as well – where do you start?

For starters, if you’re unsure of whom to pick and what company to go with, considering hiring Indians isn’t a bad idea after all! Here are some reasons why hiring an Indian PHP development company might help your business:

Cheaper Services

Web development is serious work – and this also means that if specific skills are required for the job, then expect it to come with an expensive price tag. While it is true that investing in a great developer is good for your business, whether new or old, this doesn’t mean that there’s no alternative for you.

Indian web developers are usually cheaper, as compared to American developers. This doesn’t mean though that they can’t work as significant as other nationalities. There are a couple of reasons for this, and the number one reason is their currency rate. US Dollars (or Euros, or any other currency for that matter), when converted to their currency is usually much more valuable on their end. Let’s put it this way – your currency may be much stronger than theirs, thus, expect cheaper rates from an Indian freelancer or company.

Another reason why their cost is usually cheap is because of the competition. There’s a wide range of Indian PHP development companies and freelancers in the industry; thus, for them to get more projects and to be chosen, they usually tend to give the lowest price they can for their services. This is something that you, as a business, should take advantage of. Isn’t that great? You get to hire an expert developer and pay for almost half the price as compared if you would hire someone locally.

Additionally, if your website needs more work other than web development, don’t be surprised if they have other workers offering almost all types of services your website needs. Take customer service for instance. They’re known for their fantastic customer service skills.


India’s education system is impressive, and they’re even improving every year. If you’re looking for someone with expertise, chances are, you can never go wrong with an Indian company or freelancer. They usually excel in the IT field, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Indian workers in this area of expertise.

Can Work On Tight Schedules

One of the problems with project-based work is that some people do not take deadlines very seriously. Because of their numbers (especially if you’re going to hire a team of web developers), they can usually get the work done right in time, if not, earlier. Indians also have a nature of finishing their project as soon as they can, simply because the faster they get to finish their work, the faster they can accept more projects.

You can also work on their schedule if needed. They are usually flexible on timings, and communicating with Indian workers wouldn’t be a problem at all. The only thing that you need to work with is that they are in a different time zone. However, again, they’re flexible with work schedules, so if you require a weekly or daily update, inform of them what time they need to be on, and most often than not, you won’t experience problems with this. Just remember to set expectations, and you’ll be okay.

There’s No Language Barrier

The majority of Indians speak English – making it easier to communicate with them. There’s no language barrier as English is their second language. They have been a British colony for about 200 years – and at this point, their education system was adapted to the British education system. This is probably why up to now, Indian schools teach English as one of their major school subjects.

Quality of Work

What kind of work do you expect from a third world country? First and foremost, we should get out of the prevalent stigma that third-world countries are economically weak. While it may be true for some, this doesn’t mean that these countries do not have access to a good education system. Indians are best known for the fantastic quality of work they produce. Just think of it – some of the world’s most popular companies have Indian CEOs. Google, Microsoft, MasterCard, and Nokia – what do these companies have all in common? These companies are run by Indians, pretty amazing!

So if you’re still worried about the quality of work that you’re about to get from an Indian web developer, fret not! Plus, you’ll have to know a few tricks and tips to make sure that you end up working with top-notch PHP developers in India.

Speaking of which, listed below are some things that you should take into consideration and some steps to take before hiring a PHP web developer in India:

Freelance Or Company?

Here’s the first thing you should consider: should you hire a freelancer, meaning someone you can find from UpWork and other online freelance sites, or do you prefer working with an established and professional company? There’s no right or wrong answer. It all boils down to personal preference. Some people like working with freelancers because of flexibility, while others prefer hiring companies because of the turnaround time and other professional services they might offer in extra. The decision is up to you.

How Much Is Your Budget?

Now, scout the market and determine how much you’re willing to pay for a PHP web developer. If you’re unsure how much you should pay, check online job listings. You may also ask a quotation from companies. Take it from there and start to strip down your search until you have shortlisted those developers that are well within your budget range.

Look For Portfolio

By doing this, you can at least have an idea on the kind of work they do.

How Long Have They Been In The Industry?

As a business, we all want the best people working on your website, so finding someone who has been in this industry for long is an advantage. I’m not saying that new developers are not a good idea – they may have fresher ideas, and it’s not a bad thing. However, most companies prefer experienced ones and those that have been in the field for quite some time. Don’t forget to ask this before giving them your project.

Indians are amazing at what they do, and with the information above, go ahead and start searching for that perfect PHP web developer in India – and good luck!

PHP vs. Python – Which Is Better?

PHP vs. Python Comparison image
PHP vs. Python Comparison

PHP vs. Python, which is better? This comparison is one of the most debated topics in the programming and web development community. It is a hard question to address and requires getting into specifics. Now, Python is a general-purpose language, and most programmers do not use it for just web development. With an array of other frameworks, it can be easily implemented for GUI app development and other sophisticated things. With the help of Kivy or Tkinter frameworks, you can develop a mobile or desktop app with Python. Ideally, there are Python libraries that can be utilized for machine learning and big data science.

On the contrary, PHP is mostly used for web development. Not that it is impossible to make a non-web application using PHP, but compared to other languages, it’s not the best for the job. At this point, it is clear that Python is excellent for a wide array of applications, but what about web-development alone? Which is the better language for the job?

Let us start with the numbers! PHP came to life in 1995, and since then, it has garnered a huge community (including Lone Star PHP team) around itself. Programmers and developers around the globe still create frameworks to expand its functionality. It was utilized for the creation of websites such as Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia. There’s also no doubt that it dominates the web-development industry with a share of about 80%. That concludes that PHP is more popular than Python when it comes to web development.

Python, on the other hand, was created in 1991. There are fewer websites made with Python, but when it comes to traffic per site, this language wins. Python is utilized in Google services, Instagram, Dropbox, YouTube, Spotify, Quora, Pinterest, and Reddit. It’s ideally used for web scraping, browser automation, data analysis, the Internet of Things as well as Machine Learning.

If you want to develop a site, chances are you’re going to choose between PHP and Python. They both have their pros and cons, just like the rest of programming languages. They are ideally multiplatform and open-source, have detailed documentation as well as an actively contributing community. So how do they differ?

PHP is commonly utilized on the server-side development, more than any other programming language and its community has developed many helpful frameworks like Symfony, CakePHP, Zend, Laravel, etc. With proper knowledge in the language and ideal selection of frameworks, it is possible to make the web functionality of the language universal. Its syntax can ideally be quite forgiving, which many see as a good thing. However, some would argue that it is best to have some standards in coding using PHP. Otherwise, it gets hard to read.

Web development using Python is more user-friendly, and even though it has fewer web dedicated frameworks, you can cover almost everything with Pyramid, Flask, and Django. Ideally, Python has a much clearer syntax. It might be strict, but incredibly simple, standardized and highly readable. The final code in this language is almost always more elegant and transparent compared to PHP.

As you can already conclude, there is no clear winner between the two. If you want to specialize in web development and don’t want syntax inconsistency, it’s best to go for PHP. However, if you’re a novice and haven’t settled for a programming language yet, it’s best to try Python as it has an easy learning curve.