Foundations Track

Lone Star PHP is proud to partner with PHPWomen to bring you a day-long track designed to gently introduce attendees to the PHP programming language, reinforce fundamentals, all the while applying your lessons to a small sample application.

In the foundations track you will learn:

  • How to run simple code and get your environment running
  • How your browser talks to the internet
  • How to write dynamic webpages
  • How to connect to and use a database (MySQL)
  • Introductory Object-Oriented techniques and methods
  • How to use Bootstrap to give your application a quick design boost

All the while learning modern, best practices, concepts, and how to integrate everything into grand ideas!

Who can attend?

The Foundations Track is open and available to all ticket holders for Lone Star PHP which gives you both the flexibility to decide on attending as well as full access to the 2nd day of conference talks.

We do ask that if you are planning on attending the Foundations Track that you indiciate as such when you purchase your ticket so that we can plan for capacity. This is not a commitment on your part to attend, merely an expression of interest!


Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors year after year we're able to present this conference at minimal cost to our attendees, opening up attendance to many who could not normally justify the cost of similar events. We couldn't do it without their support and we hope that this year you'll help us share this experience with the community. With the amazing feedback we receive each year from our attendees and sponsors we continue to improve our event to keep our place as the best php community conference around.

In 2017, Lone Star PHP looks to build on its previous success. If you would like to be a part of making 2017 the best event yet. View the 2017 sponsor prospectus.